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I can’t recommend Dr. Batal enough. I flew from NYC to LA, so I could bring my mother to see Dr. Batal. My mother has terrible back pain, and Dr. Batal explained how the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections could really help relieve some of her pain. It’s been a week now, and I can see that the injections have made a huge difference for my mom. The whole process was smooth and comfortable with this doctor. His office was immaculate, and his staff was accommodating and made us feel very comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Batal and his services.


Dr. Batal is exceptional. He is honest and you can feel his compassion. Just meet him and you will see for yourself. He is solution oriented, and he will listen to your goals and help you accomplish them. He’s helping me solve some issues I’ve had with scar tissue that I was worried I’d have to live with forever. He is a skilled artist and a trustworthy human being. Living in LA most girls have a surgeon on speed dial […] Dr. Batal will most definitely be mine. Thank you Doctor Batal!!

Thank you Dr. Batal!

Dr. Batal’s work is truly amazing! I went through a weight loss journey and had a lot of loose skin and some stubborn fat. I came to see Dr. Batal and he gave me some tips to lose more weight and really cared about my results. In Aug 2019, I had a Tummy Tuck and liposuction and the results are beautiful. I begged Dr. Batal to give me a natural looking belly button and he did! I get so many compliments! The scar is low and hidden. I have never felt this confident before in my life! Thank you Dr. Batal!

Relieved to have found Dr. Batal!

For the past few months I have been looking for a good plastic surgeon to work on my arms and abdomen. I have been researching about lipo and doctors in my area but everyone I’ve went to gave me ridiculous prices and made me feel very uncomfortable about my body. When I came into Dr. Batal’s office, I felt super nervous at first but when I met with Dr. Batal made me feel comfortable and not pushy at all about my surgery . He is very informative, delicate and genuinely honest. He even made me a treatment plan breakdown of everything we will be doing. I am extremely happy that I found Dr. Batal and am looking forward to my surgery!

Amazing Doctor

Without a doubt the BEST doctor I’ve ever been to. Dr Batal is not only extremely experienced but he is a literal ARTIST when it comes to sculpting the greatest shape. He made me feel so comfortable throughout the process and was consistently attentive and supportive throughout the entire procedure. I’ve never felt in better hands than with Dr Batal. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to feel better about their body. You will be so happy with your results. I definitely am.

Love them

I love them, very professional from the beginning, Dr Batal is a sweetheart and his staff are totally efficient and very sweet, So far I am very happy, the results and progress are coming up nicely, I definitely recommend this place!!!!

Love my results!

Love my results from my procedure. Dr. Batal is very friendly and made me comfortable through the entire process. Sarah his MA made sure I left happy and assured me I can contact them with any concern and it will be attended to promptly… I will definitely be going back for other procedures, once I’m fully healed.

Him and his staff are the best

How do i start well when going in for my consolation Dr. Batal came in and checked and was very kind when analyzing the part where I wanted liposuction. When it came a week before the surgery they have me information on what I needed to do and two days before gave me the medication I needed to take. The day off I was not nervous at all but if anyone is nervous they are there to guide and make you feel comfortable with the procedure. When the procedure started to happen they made sure to check if I was comfortable and if I had any pain. I had a very tiny amount of pain and when I informed them they added more numbing stuff right away. I was so relaxed during my procedure I went to sleep. I highly recommend Dr. Batal and will continue to go to him for any future procedures. Him and his staff are the best love the energy that they have.

Dr. Batal is an artist with great bedside manner

I am a 55 year old female who has never been comfortable with my mid section. I had 3 big babies (c-sections). I met Dr. Batal and right away could tell he was passionate about his work and truly an artist. If I am being brutally honest it isn’t easy having a stranger stare at your body, holding your rolls of fat, while asking you questions. Vulnerable much? Even in my state on being uncomfortable,I could tell his wheels were turning on how to make my body something I would love. I went in shopping for a mini tuck (due to recovery time) and went for the lipo/tummy tuck combo. He said “why buy the H&M dress when you can have the Chanel”. I am 8 days post op and have flat abs for the first time since my teens. They are very thorough with background medical checks, blood, EKG, etc. The amount of time in the awake procedure scared the crap out of me – but honestly I was comfortable and all of the staff is so positive and light – it is clear they love what they do! My nurse Bita said I was her baby for the day, and she treated me like her own the entire day. (I told her my mom would be happy to hear that.) The office is nice and the front office girls Patricia and Ashley are friendly and great at communicating whether by phone or text message. 8 days and I am LOVING my results! Can’t wait to see the end result. I feel like I was in GREAT hands and Dr. Batal is an artist with great bedside manner.

Free consultation

I went in for a free initial consultation for a lipo 360 and I was feeling nervous and self conscious of my body. Once I got placed into the room I was given some quick and easy forms to fill out and then I met Dr.Batal. He made sure I was comfortable and then proceeded to ask questions just to find out exactly what I was looking for and also gave me suggestions. They made me a specific treatment plan and his staff went over all the charges and made sure to explain in detail. He also gave me a great discount for the procedure and I will be booking my surgery Highly recommend Dr.Batal, he is very funny and has a great personality which is always good because doctors are intimidating LOL

Very Thankful!

I love the work that I got from Dr. Batal! He did amazing work on my 25 year old stomach of twins that I’ve been hiding. I’m butt naked ready now! I get stopped all day long and people tell me how good I look. Thank you Dr. Batal!

Without a doubt the BEST doctor

Dr. Batal performed my Liposuction in February 22 and the Tummy Tuck May 22. From consultation to procedures he is the bomb. From start to finish him and the staff were on point. Answered all of my questions immediately. I can reach out to Dr. Batal and he got back to me quickly. I was blessed to have him render my care. The office has start of the art equipment and extremely clean. Thanks Dr.Batal

I love his work!

Dr. Batal performed my Liposuction in February 22 and the Tummy Tuck May 22. From consultation to procedures he is the bomb. From start to finish him and the staff were on point. Answered all of my questions immediately. I can reach out to Dr. Batal and he got back to me quickly. I was blessed to have him render my care. The office has start of the art equipment and extremely clean. Thanks Dr.Batal

He is the bomb…

Dr. Batal is the best doctor ever. He is very caring, supportive, friendly, and cool. His office and his team are the best. Yelena, Sarah, Jessica, and Jakob are very caring, supportive, and friendly as well. I love all of them. Dr. Batal has very positive energy and cool personality so you feel very comfortable during the surgery. He is very nice with the patients and his worker. I love the environment, has good vibes and good energy. The BEST DOCTOR!!!!

I can’t recommend Dr. Batal enough

I am now 6 months post abdominalplasty with Lipo 360 and my life has completely changed for the better. I first met Dr. Batal for my first initial consult in August 2021. He was very informative, compassionate and knowledgeable and quickly gained my trust. He encouraged my weight loss prior to my procedure to provide me the very best results possible. I continued to have post op appointments and knowing he was a text or phone call away at any time really was essential during my recovery. I am forever grateful for the new body he has given me.

Dr. Batal is the best doctor ever