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BBL / Fat Transfer

BBL / Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer

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Naturally increase the size and shape of your buttocks or breasts

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, helping to remove stubborn fat resistant to normal diet and exercise. Now the fat from your liposuction can be redistributed to enhance the buttocks or breasts to create a more shapely, hourglass figure, often referred to as the “Brazilian Butt Lift” or BBL.

Because your own fat cells are being used, the risk of infection or other complications from foreign implants is dramatically reduced. This procedure is also done under local anesthesia as it doesn’t require large incisions which also means quicker recovery times.

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Breast or buttock implants always carry a risk of infection or rupture post-op and because they also require larger incisions, they carry a higher risk of scarring no matter the expertise of the doctor. With fat transfer augmentation or Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), your own fat is being redistributed after liposuction in a closed system free from air and other potential contaminants. The incisions used are minimally invasive just as they are for liposuction.


A minimum of 5-7 days of downtime is needed for the initial recovery from liposuction depending on the area and scope and scale of the procedure. For fat transfer to the buttocks, avoid sitting on the area directly for up to 1 week. Specialized BBL donuts can be used to help with this. Compression garments will also need to be worn for up to a week both on the area that received liposuction as well as the fat transfer area to reduce swelling and promote healing. Mild to moderate bruising will also be noticeable for the first 1-2 weeks.

Fat Transfer To Breasts: Dr. Batal Commentary Before/after

BATAL: “This patient is a lovely 57 year old lady who came to the office with a primary purpose of sculpting her medial and lateral thigh along with her medial knee. Then she asked me, “What can I do with the harvested fat?” Patient had size A breast and no ptosis and she never wanted to put an implant in the past due to a psychological barrier and the fear of developing capsular contracture or an infection or an unnatural appearance of the breast. So we decided to do a fat transfer to the breast. As you see, the patient has a size A and we created a 12 needle pricks kind of incision that will leave no visible scar. We processed the harvested fat sterilely through many filters. Then a final layer of a micro filters. Then we use those needle pricks incisions to implant the micro cannulas of fat into multi plane of tissues starting from underneath the skin all the way into the gland and underneath the gland, then underneath the muscle layer. This result is immediately after the procedure. There is no visible incisions and the patient will not have a future risk of any capsule contraction because there’s no implant. We expect this breast to lose some of its volume due to the absorption of the fluid in the fat. But still the patient will enjoy a beautiful, nice result. I injected about 250 cc of fat in each breast. The tensions on the tissue could allow me to use a bit more up to 325 CC, but the patient wanted just size B to a full B cup, so I felt 250 cc in each breast more than adequate. And I will update you about the progress of the patient in the next few weeks and a few months. Thank you.”

The Batal Method For Buttock Augmentation Fat Transfer (Bbl)

BATAL: “Good morning. Today we are doing a buttock augmentation video via fat transfer from the torso, especially the bra fat, the flanks and the love handles and the abs. We’re going to have more fat than we need to transfer. What my point today of this video. There is always a layer of soft tissue above the muscle which you can transfer the fat into and that you have some thickness which mean has some blood supply. That varies with many people and my evaluation varies between patient to patient. If that fat pad above the muscle is thin, you can put less amount of that if it’s thick, you can put more fat. But if it is thin and you put more fat, then more likely the more fat you put, the more fat will die because there’s less blood supply and there’s less nutritional supply to the new migrated of fat. What used to be done, especially in other states, that they inject the fat into the muscle and that actually will increase the fat survival because it has plenty of blood supply. But this will tremendously increase the risk of fat embolism. We do not inject fat into the muscle we injected only to the subcutaneous tissue below and above the gluteal fascia. Usually above the gluteal fascia. However, if we put, for example, 500cc which is what I expect, that’s the sweet spot for this patient in each buttock. About 60% of fat will stay. If I put about 800. Maybe only 40% will stay. At a certain point the more you fat you put, it’s going to be counter intuitive and you’re risking the whole area as it grows. So every patient has his own limited amount that dictated by the original anatomy. We’re going to transfer some fat into the buttock and also the two in the hip area. We get to also start our suction very low. This will engage the torso and give concise and projected buttock. Thank you.”

Lipo 360 With Buttock Augmentation Fat Transfer (Under Local Sedation)

BATAL: “Today we are doing buttock augmentation using the fat from the torso. We’re also doing high definition 360, which start from the flanks, the love handles extending the flanks about an inch into the bra roll area. And then we’re going to do the abs with high definition. Patient may need some form of a mini tummy tuck later in the future, but she didn’t want to do it right now. So we’ll do this under sedation. So we’re going to try to define the midline and also the ab lines. And then we going to augment merely the buttock proper and a bit into the hip dip. She doesn’t have a big dip, but we can try to transition the hip here to the cavity here. That’s created by the high definition 360.”

Liposuction & Buttock Augmentation Fat Transfer (1 Week Follow Up)

BATAL: “Right now we are doing one week follow up for a patient who received buttock augmentation BBL along with liposuction 360 with helium plasma for the abs you can see the definition starts showing up in the midline and also around the abs. It’s only one week but we still still see the definition here and also the definition around the anterior iliac spine. On both side and the anterior inferior iliac spine here too. And you can see the nice roundness and the projection of the buttock that’s going to likely come a bit down. But the torso also will come down magnifying the difference and the contrast in the body parts It’s only one week, as we said, so we expect the result to finalize and mature in about three months. I think the patient was very pleased with that initial results.”

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